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Andrea McBride
November 13, 2020 | Andrea McBride

Still Thriving. Still Excellent - The Legacy of Madam CJ Walker

Still Thriving. Still Excellent.

As we enter this holiday season, we’ve been thinking about the legacy of Madam CJ Walker, who laid the groundwork for so many powerful Black women who have built and are currently building empires today. She led by example - harnessing community strength and providing hope to women who never knew such success was possible. Her legacy runs deeply through the roots of great women entrepreneurs everywhere, providing a foundation for hard working women to dream bigger and reach for goals they were told they could never achieve.

Like any great entrepreneur, Madam CJ Walker saw a need that hadn’t been fulfilled. She developed the “Walker system” to treat the hair loss she was experiencing and in turn, ended up revolutionizing the hair care industry for Black women and eventually becoming the “first Black woman millionaire” in the country. Born to parents who had been slaves and building a business in the Jim Crow era, she represented a beacon of inclusivity and perseverance for women across the nation.

Picture: Villa Lewaro Celebrating Women and Entrepreneurship 


At the peak of her success, Madam CJ Walker had the “Villa Lewaro,” her country home, built and designed by Black architect Vertner Tandy. An absolutely breathtaking mansion that fully embodies the sophistication, beauty and success of her legacy. Walker was able to build equal opportunity through economic empowerment in a world that had yet to fully grasp the meaning of equality for women and the Black community. Villa Lewaro was the perfect site for the McBride Sisters holiday collection photoshoot, “The Feast,”  in order to continue shining light on Madam CJ Walker’s legacy and reinforcing our mission the last 15 years – to transform the industry, lead by example, cultivate community, one delicious wine at a time. 

Take a Virtual Tour of Villa Lewaro here

The Feast is our toast to style and survival, new traditions and a celebration of the powerful women who, at the end of a seriously intense year, are still thriving and still excellent. We wanted to create an event to remember for a year we will never forget, AND we wanted to evoke the spirit of Madam CJ Walker and her magnificent Villa Lewaro estate, to inspire all of us to keep chasing greatness and the biggest of dreams.

With that, we hope you indulge this holiday season and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel powerful and glamorous. Because we made it. In style. 






Kamesha Mackey's Gravatar
Kamesha Mackey
@ Nov 14, 2020 at 2:25 PM
This is beyond inspiring and empowering Queens!!! Sante🥂

Brigitee's Gravatar
@ Nov 14, 2020 at 3:56 PM
Thank you sisters. Teaching history of us by us and producing delicious wine to celebrate ! ASE!!!🍷

Alexandria Keyes's Gravatar
Alexandria Keyes
@ Nov 15, 2020 at 1:14 AM
May the feast become a tradition to encourage other women of color to step out in faith to fulfill their God given talents. (Including Me)

I love the wine.

Sheliah Cobb's Gravatar
Sheliah Cobb
@ Nov 18, 2020 at 11:48 AM
Effortless Elegance, Beautifully Positively Eventful Inspirational, Aspirational, and OOOHH SOO Encouraging... Keep Going and Continue Reaching Out ! Take Care. Be Safe. Stay Well.

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