Celebrating National Pasta Day!

By McBride Sisters – October 16, 2022

Celebrating National Pasta Day!

From corkscrew-shaped fusilli to a deliciously-stuffed ravioli, we've got you covered with a pasta-perfect wine pairing for this National Pasta Day.

Pasta lovers unite! It’s that time of the year when we come together to celebrate one of the world’s favorite foods – pasta. Whether you’re a fan of the corkscrew-shaped fusilli, or more inclined to a deliciously-stuffed ravioli, National Pasta Day has you covered. 

Pasta is not only a staple comfort food, it is also a great source of nutrients and is incredibly versatile, with over 600 different types. Pasta also pairs well with a wide range of wines, making it one of our favorite accompanying meals for any occasion. 

Falling on October 17th, one of the best ways to celebrate National Pasta Day is by preparing your favorite – or new – pasta recipes. So, we’ve put together a guide to the history of National Pasta Day, a few ideas on how to celebrate, and some delicious best pasta pairings with our wines so that you can indulge and enjoy pasta with a glass of wine. 

History of National Pasta Day

Italy may be the pasta nation of the world, but the origins of the first pasta are widely debated. Some sources claim that Marco Polo brought it back to Italy from China, while others claim that pre-Roman tribes invented an early type of pasta. While the exact origin remains unknown, pasta made its way to America through English colonists who came across it during their travels to Italy. 

National Pasta Day was formally established in 1995 as part of the World Pasta Congress, during which experts from all over the world came together to discuss the significance of pasta and the importance of spreading knowledge of its international reach. 

So, Which Pasta and Wine Pairing Should You Try?

There is no singular right answer here – each pasta and wine pairing serves a different occasion depending on your mood, company, and craving at the time. We say try them all.

The Classic 

This is a sophisticated pairing, a true classic. Our stunning Black Girl Magic Merlot has the perfect notes of dark cherry, vanilla, and warm cocoa to ease you into the cooler months. And what better pasta to consume with the luscious sweetness of our merlot than a rich homely tomato-based lasagne such as this one. Slip into your coziest clothing and indulge in true comfort at its finest. Our tip: Store a second tray in the freezer and another bottle in the cabinet as this will go fast.

The Spice 

Like our Black Girl Magic Zinfandel, you know when the occasion calls for a little spice to shake things up. Fresh plum and dried cherry meets crushed black pepper and spiced vanilla for a fruity elixir with a slightly fiery hint. We recommend enhancing the spice and pairing fire with fire by choosing a chili-based dish such as penne arrabiata – it will have you warmed up from the inside out.

The Experience 

With vanilla, fruity, and peppery notes our Black Girl Magic Red Blend takes you on the journey of a typical Merlot at first sip and closes with the spice of a Cabernet. It’s complex, full-bodied, and made to be enjoyed by all. To balance out the boldness pair with a creamy-tomato based pasta dish, such as this creamy tomato pasta with chickpeas.

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The All-Rounder 

A true well-rounded wine, our Black Girl Magic Red Blend has character. With delicious cherry and plum notes that are complemented by a natural earthiness, this is the ideal wine to drink with any pasta dish such as this pesto ravioli with spinach and tomatoes.

National Pasta Day Activities
It’s no secret, pasta is adored by many. Did you know that Americans consume roughly 20 pounds of pasta per year? With that being said, celebrating National Pasta Day will be fun for everyone as it involves something we all love: eating pasta.
Throw a Pasta Tasting Party
What could be more fun than eating one type of pasta to celebrate National Pasta Day? Sampling a range of different pasta dishes! Tell all guests to prepare their favorite pasta dish and bring an accompanying wine. You can lay out each dish buffet-style with the paired wine next to it so that guests can sample different wines and pasta dishes together. 
Eat at your favorite Italian restaurant (and BYO wine)

If you’re not in the mood for cooking, reserve a spot at your favorite Italian restaurant, or the one you’ve been wanting to try. Whether you dine by yourself, or with a couple of friends, remember to bring your favorite bottle of McBride Sisters’ wine along with you.

However you decide to celebrate, join us as we indulge in a mouthwatering pairing of food and wine! Mangiamo – let’s eat!