Celebrating Black Hair and Culture: Amplifying the Message of Self Love

By McBride Sisters – March 09, 2022

Celebrating Black Hair and Culture: Amplifying the Message of Self Love

A Women's History Month Q&A with The Black Hair Experience

For Women’s History Month, we’re raising a glass to the rulebreakers. We’re celebrating sisterhood in March with gratitude and appreciation for the visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, mentors & advocates who are changing the world. 

Make way for the #1 Black owned selfie museum, The Black Hair Experience ! Combining pop-up art and a series of Instagrammable spaces, The Black Hair Experience pairs the nostalgic moments of Black culture with affirmations of self love. The exhibits can be found in major cities across the U.S. - Atlanta, DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia region) and Los Angeles, with locations coming soon to Austin, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia and Charlotte.

Inspired by two friends who both share a love and appreciation of Black hair, founders Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Austin-Davis joined forces to create an exhibit dedicated to celebrating Black communities. For our Women’s History Month Q&A, they discuss their inspirations and what women empowerment means to them in 2022.

The Black Hair Experience

Tell us about your business and what inspired you to start.

The Black Hair Experience is an interactive selfie exhibit created to celebrate Black hair and culture. As Black women, it is and was important for us to create a space that celebrated our beauty and further the message that all Black hair is beautiful no matter how you choose to wear it. 

Who inspired you to break the rules or think beyond them as women in your industry? 

Honestly, we inspire each other. We are constantly pushing each other and challenging ourselves to think outside the box. We are both creatives in two different lanes but our skills complement each other. We are always amazed at what ideas the other person comes up with. 

How does your sisterhood - friends, family, and colleagues - support you personally and professionally? 

Being friends first and business partners second is our secret sauce. We really understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also understand when the other person needs a break. Our spouses and friends have been our rocks! They have been supportive since The Black Hair Experience was just a dream. From putting in the physical labor to just providing a listening ear when we hit a wall, our community really exemplifies the saying “it takes a village.” 

What does women empowerment mean to you in 2022?

Women empowerment in 2022 looks like showing up for one another publicly and privately. It means using your voice and platform to provide opportunities for other women and making space for their ideas. Women empowerment looks like lifting as you climb. 

The Black Hair Experience

What goals would you like to achieve this year to advance yourself and your business?

We want to amplify the message of self-love and that all Black hair is beautiful. We want to do that through community outreach initiatives, our We Care workshops, and getting The Black Hair Experience in front of as many people as possible.  

What’s your favorite Black Girl Magic Wine varietal?

We are both in agreement on this one! The Black Girl Magic Riesling and the Black Girl Magic Rosé for sure!