The #HypeWomen Movement is Here to Stay

By Robin McBride – February 01, 2023

The #HypeWomen Movement is Here to Stay

When Michelle Yeoh’s Golden Globes win for Best Actress was announced, it reignited a movement. This movement was not reawakened by the fact that Yeoh’s outstanding performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once sent shocks around the world, or by the fact that she was being recognized as an Asian American – the second Asian performer in history to win the award. This particular movement was set off by a reaction, one that came from Yeoh’s supporting actress and real-life bestie, Jamie Lee Curtis.

In true advocate form, Yeoh’s win triggered Curtis to respond like a proud mom: victory arms pumped high in the air, face plastered with an expression of pure joy, and mouth wide open cheering in what appears to be a celebratory warcry. Curtis was the ultimate hype woman, and the world took notice.

In a now-viral LinkedIn post that garnered 1.5 million impressions, 23,000 reactions, 990 comments, and 2,300 reposts on LinkedIn alone, Erin Gallagher, CEO and founder of Ella – an inclusive network unlocking women’s access to human and financial capital – highlighted Jamie Lee Curtis’ response, praising her hypnotic passion and energy. “Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023. Hype. Other. Women,” she wrote. “De-condition and unlearn what you’ve been wired to think: that women are your competition.” Gallagher’s words struck a chord, with her sign-off of “find your Jamie. Hype their Jamie. Be her Jamie,” resulting in hundreds of women commenting on the post with women who inspired them in their daily lives. 

“I am your Jamie and you are mine!!! Thank you!” one woman wrote when tagging five of her friends, while another commented “I saw this in the feed and immediately thought of you. Then I saw YOU shared the post. You’re our hype woman. You are out there endorsing and celebrating - and we’re better for it because of you. Thank you for being our Jamie Lee Curtis. You’re amazing and fierce and I adore you for it.” 

The good vibes were contagious. Everyone wanted to be a part of the action, to let the women in their lives know how incredible they are, and how special they are to them. And that’s not where the impact of the post ended. Jamie Lee Curtis shared a post on Instagram referencing Gallagher’s “word anthem of support” and writing that her response had been turned into a meme, which the cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once printed onto a t-shirt with the words “Friends Supporting Friends” displayed underneath the photo. Talk about iconic.

Source: Instagram

This isn’t just a moment, a temporarily fleeting social media trend that will lose traction within a month. It's an ongoing movement, one that redefines the way we think, feel, and respond to our community of women. 

One of the key aspects of the #HypeWomen movement is the use of social media to spread its message. Women are sharing their stories, offering advice and encouragement, and connecting with other like-minded individuals. This online community is helping to create a supportive and empowering environment where women can come together and uplift one another.

The #hypewomen hashtag has been going strong for a few years now, particularly across TikTok where a search for the “hypewomen” tag displays 3.6 million views and results in thousands of videos showing women supporting women such as this one. This movement is focused on empowering women and promoting their successes, highlighting the achievements of women in various industries, and encouraging other women to strive for their goals.

Supporting women means advocating for and empowering women, through actions or words, in both personal and professional settings. It can involve mentorship, promoting equality and inclusivity, amplifying women's voices, and challenging gender biases and discrimination. Let’s all embrace the notion of freudenfreude – the joy we derive from other’s success – not only does it contribute to building a strong community, it makes us feel pleasure. Positivity all around!

As a female-owned business we know just how important it is to create space for other women, to support each other in all our ventures, and understand that their wins are our wins. As a community we all win together. The aim is not just to lift other women up, but celebrate them loudly. Scream their accomplishments from the rooftops, let the world know they are incredible, they are powerful, they are an inspiration. 

When we launched our SHE CAN wines in 2019, we wanted to spread our mission of transforming the industry and cultivating community by dedicating our efforts to closing the race and gender gap. That’s why we created the SHE CAN Fund, to promote the professional advancement of women within the wine industry. In its first year, the fund awarded scholarships of nearly $40,000 to empower women to strive for change and to create opportunities for themselves and others, where there had not been before. 

Since then, we’ve contributed over $3 million in-kind skill development, technical training, and ad credits. Now, a portion of every SHE CAN sale goes to supporting the SHE CAN Fund. 

By promoting the achievements of women and creating a supportive community, the #HypeWomen movement is helping to empower women and create a brighter future for us all. So let’s continue to uplift and support one another, and work towards a world where women are truly valued and celebrated for their contributions.

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Break the Rules. Drink the Wine. And hype your Jamie.