At Home With Kelis

By McBride Sisters – June 06, 2023

At Home With Kelis

Hello, Kelis!!

Welcome to the McBride Sisters Collection “At Home With'' series, where we raise our glass to individuals who inspire us, toast their outstanding accomplishments, and get to know each other in true McBride Sisters fashion -  over intimate conversation and a nice glass of wine. We are so happy to be here with you! 

You are a born-and-raised New Yorker who travels the world performing music on stage in front of huge crowds. How unexpected it is to find you here, on a remote farm compound in California’s Temecula Valley, surrounded by wine country, orchards, and all kinds of animals! Will you please give us some background on how you got here?

I think I've always loved just being outside and having the freedom of space. I went to a school called Manhattan Country School when I was growing up. To graduate, we had to spend time on the farm and learn how to “work the land”. I guess everything always comes full circle, so here I am… being free. This almost feels like my rebellion against everything, you know, that the system doesn't want us to have. 

What are you enjoying most about life on Bounty Farm? Is there such a thing as an “average day”??

I’m definitely very busy! This life is not for the faint of heart or the lazy, but it depends. My average day could be spent in the garden, or it could be working with the animals, or making products for my business, Bounty & Full. I guess it just sort of varies. I'm usually outside most of the day, which I really love. 

We have some things in common as women - and women of color - in spaces that are typically male dominated. What has the experience of becoming a black, female farmer been like for you? How has it met (or completely derailed?) your expectations? 

I think it's interesting because I was expecting and pretty much always faced opposition, unfortunately. Its become a prerequisite for everything else that you're trying to do. 

You are an accomplished, Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. And you’ve also been quoted describing sauces as “what accessories are to a woman’s outfit”. Would you consider your food to be equally as bold and expressive as your own bold style and fashion choices?

Yeah! I think my food is definitely an extension of me, very much. You know it’s always kind of like my memory, my thoughts, and my aspirations, on a plate. It's the things that I love and that speak to me as a person. I didn't realize how Puerto Rican I was, really, until I started cooking. It’s like, you cook the things that you love and that remind you of home. I definitely think my food is as bold as my personality, for sure. 

If you could put together your dream dinner party, who would have a seat at the table and what would you prepare?

I feel like food is a gift, right? So, I just love being able to cook for people. I love being able to feed people. I don't know that it really matters who it is, honestly. I think it's just dope to be able to break bread and share, using ingredients from all over the world or right here from the farm. I don't know that I care who is at the table… I just like to feed people who like to eat. That's who I want at a dinner party! 

What can we expect from you next?

What can you expect for me next with Bounty Farms is expanding and growing up. It is to become wellness and food-focused. My goal is to begin to cultivate a small retreat, a resort-style space on the other side of my property! I would like to start hosting private dinners here, and hopefully some wine pairings with you all at McBride Sisters… that would be amazing! I want to keep building on more food, and more creativity. I am working on a new album… So that's happening! And, just see where life takes me, since that’s always been my motto anyway.  

Possible to share a recipe or two with us and our community? Perhaps something to pair well with our wines for a summer cookout or outdoor meal shared with close friends?

Sangria feels like summer to me and everyone drank it like water when I was living in Spain. I serve it all the time when I entertain at home. It’s refreshing, delicious and it looks really pretty in a big jug. Also it’s perfect for a summer barbecue or picnic. You can make a red version with strawberries, black grapes, and oranges, or a white one with white wine and thick slices of citrus fruits. I like entertaining so it’s fun to be able to serve a good sangria.

Click here to get Kelis' Summer Red Wine Sangria recipe!