At Home With: Robin McBride, Co-Founder & President, McBride Sisters Wine Company

By McBride Sisters – December 05, 2023

At Home With: Robin McBride, Co-Founder & President, McBride Sisters Wine Company

This month, in the spirit of gratitude and togetherness, we have a very special guest... our very own, Robin McBride, Co-Founder of McBride Sisters Wine Company.

Hello, Robin!

Welcome to the McBride Sisters Collection “At Home With'' Series, where we raise our glass to individuals who inspire us, toast their outstanding accomplishments, and get acquainted in true McBride Sisters fashion - over intimate conversation and a nice glass of wine.

Not only are you our fearless leader, with boundless drive, flare, and tenacity, but you are a consistent source of inspiration, support, and motivation to all of us here at McBride Sisters Wine Company. Thank you for all that you do.

As 2023 comes to a close, what have been some of the most memorable moments for you this last year? What are you most grateful for?

Some of my most memorable moments of this year start with getting our new property, M Ranch in Napa, which we got the keys to on Dr. Martin Luther King Day – we had a dream, and it came to life! I also hit the big 5-0 this year which was of course memorable. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet the fabulous Kelis at her amazing home, Bounty Farms, and for being on The Tamron Hall Show where we shared our story across the nation. Also, receiving the Impact Warrior’s Award from The Golden State Warriors (getting a McBride jersey) recognizing our community impact through the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund... there are so many more incredible moments, but these are just a few of my favorites.

You are an inspiration to many. Who inspires you most, and who has made the biggest impact in your life?

My mom for sure! She was a single mother and an entrepreneur who had her own life challenges. She had to raise a very challenging daughter and did it all without losing her mind, lol. I reflect on the ways that she gave me the freedom to explore what was right for me while modeling how success can be defined through a different lens.

How are you planning to spend the upcoming holidays? Do you have any unique family traditions to share?

This year I’ll have two Thanksgivings! One at home with family the week before the holiday weekend, and the other in New Orleans for The 50th Annual Bayou Classic with the SHE CAN Fund’s HBCU partner, Southern University.

We’ll attend the Battle of the Bands and Bayou Classic Gala where we’ll be inducted into their 2023 Class of The University Club in recognition of our partnership. Christmas will either be in Hawaii or at home, haven’t decided which yet, but it will include great wine!

As you know, entertaining is an art form. Do you have any tips for all the hosts preparing their special gatherings?

Think about your food and wine early! I think about wine first in case there are special bottles I need to order ahead of time and then make sure everything is paired to perfection. After that, the best tip is to relax and don’t make it stressful. When the host is anxious it affects everyone’s experience. Remember the point of getting together is to connect, celebrate, and make great memories over food and wine ☺

McBride Sisters has wine for any time, anywhere, and everyone. Do you have recommendations of specific bottles for different occasions, like date nights, family gatherings, or cozy nights in this season?

I definitely do! For larger gatherings of friends and family, I always recommend variety like our McBride Certified Tasting Pack. That way there’s a little something for everyone whether they love red, white, rosé, or sparkling. Date nights require something special, like a Limited Edition Reserve Wine that tells a story and shows you care to choose something really unique. And for all of us who enjoy a night out, you can’t beat wine in a can. I love packing up some SHE CAN and taking them with me to music in the park, backyard hangouts, or movie nights. They’re perfect for just about anywhere and you don’t need glasses or a corkscrew! 

As Co-Founder and President of McBride Sisters Wine Company. How do you find time to unwind and “unplug”?

To be honest, I have to plan for it. There are so many exciting things going on that otherwise I would never slow down. So my calendar has time blocked off for rejuvenation. I try to be diligent about having at least one day a week to unwind and relax.

Tell us something we don’t know about you….

Probably I’d like to live on a farm, at least part-time.


Next up for me will be our time in Paso Robles, the heart of where we make our California wines where we’ll be working on some new wines (top secret) that will be introduced next year.

I love being there with our head winemaker, Amy Butler, and getting to geek out with her. Her excitement around new projects is contagious! I cherish her and what we create together!