Magic Maker: Mallory with the Flowers – Embodying the Essence of Black Girl Magic through Floral Artistry

By McBride Sisters – June 25, 2023

Magic Maker: Mallory with the Flowers – Embodying the Essence of Black Girl Magic through Floral Artistry

Introducing Mallory Browne, also known as Mallory with the Flowers—a Pasadena-born creative spirit who embarked on a transformative journey after graduating from the University of San Francisco. Leaving behind her marketing career, Mallory fearlessly declared herself a florist in 2017.

Starting with store-bought flowers and YouTube tutorials, Mallory honed her craft in her garage while searching for her unique artistic voice. Thus, Mallory with the Flowers was born—a creator of custom arrangements and hand-tied bouquets, and curator of breathtaking floral experiences.

Collaborating with renowned brands like HBO's Insecure and Toyota, Mallory's evolving creativity shines through each unique piece she crafts. But it's her dedication to the community that sets her apart. Mallory intertwines her work with her mission as an entrepreneur, uplifting and empowering those around her.

Meet Mallory

Hey Mallory!! Thank you for inviting us into your studio. You have captured our attention with your unique floral designs, and style for some time now and we’re excited for the opportunity to share your flowers and magic with anyone who might not know you yet. 

First off, will you please tell us a bit about your background, what it was like growing up with such internationality, and how you got into floristry? What inspired you to create Mallory with the Flowers and start sharing your floral designs with others?

Hi! I grew up in Pasadena, CA and am the daughter of two immirant parents - my mom is from the Philippines and my Dad is from Barbados, so I grew up with lots and lots of flavor, laughter and passion.  Being a first generation daughter, I had a lot of expectations placed onto me; finishing college, getting a good corporate job, etc. I did all of those things, realized I wasn't truly happy and that I was really yearning to create -  and specifically create with my hands. I started buying flowers after work everyday from the grocery store and would youtube how to make flower arrangements.  I started posting them on Instagram everyday and the rest is history!

How has your personal background and experiences influenced your journey?

My parents are both creative people, I remember my mom crafting alot and my Dad loves music, so I think I bring a lot of that creativity to my floral designs.  Also, growing up in LA, we’re exposed to so many different cultures and visually appealing landscapes. I take a lot of inspiration from that.  I’m not scared to mix things together or add tons of color to arrangements. 

What is your design philosophy when it comes to creating floral arrangements?

When I put too much pressure on myself or my designs, they never really come out right, so my design philosophy is to just go for it and do what feels good.  I try to not limit myself to any rules, but create in a more free flowing way that feels organic and natural.

Summer is here and so are the festivities! When it comes to putting together a special get together for your friends, what are your go-to elements or ideas that you love incorporating to make it memorable and reflective of your personal style? 

I LOVE a good summer gathering! My favorite thing to do is combine all my favorite pieces together, nothing too matchy matchy when creating a table scape. 

 A plate from here, a glass from there, etc. Mixing pieces creates a fun and relaxing vibe that your guests will love. Also, filling your favorite vase or vases with flowers from the grocery store or even foraging in your neighborhood will add a touch of nature with beautiful colors and textures. 

How do you continue to find new creative inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. I love to look at what my fellow florists are trying and take extra laps around the flower market to check out new products, but it’s also important to look beyond flowers! Music videos, editorial shoots, even driving around my neighborhood sparks new ideas.

What have been your proudest accomplishments to date? Biggest challenges?

My proudest accomplishment is finding an amazing team of florists that join me in the studio.  Having a team you can trust is so important and I couldn't thank them enough for all the love they pour into Mallory with the Flowers each week.  We’ve built a beautiful ecosystem of support, knowing we can all call on each other whenever we need extra hands and for that I’m super grateful. On the flip side, the biggest challenges I face are really just the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. Each day we face a new hurdle and challenge that we have to solve - but I still wouldn’t choose any other path.

Do you have any favorite Black Girl Magic Wines?

The Red Blend!! Fire! That’s always my go to for my quick wine pickups.

What does “Black Girl Magic” mean to you?

What Black Girl Magic means to me is doing whatever you want and however you want and standing in your full truth and power. 

What can we expect next for Mallory with the Flowers? 

We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on events and corporate clients, so next we're working on expanding the business to reach people on a more personal level - workshops, products for your home, etc - CAN’T WAIT!

Thank you Mallory for allowing us into your studio and for allowing us to be part of your extraordinary floral adventure. To keep up with Mallory and her floral adventures follow her on instagram at @mallorywiththeflowers.