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Cheers! We've been nominated for "American Winery of the Year 2021".

There's never been a better time to shop McBride Sisters Collection. Be sure to consider us for your Business Gifts this holiday season!


Digital Gift Cards

Makes a great gift!

Digital Gift Cards
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Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or a job well done, the gift of wine is always a great choice. 

Add the recipient's email address in the Shipping area of checkout. The digital gift card code will be sent directly to their inbox with a gift note from you!

Interested in purchasing multiple gift cards, or looking for a different dollar amount? Let us help in 3 easy steps!

  1. Create an account: https://www.mcbridesisters.com/Members/Create-Account
  2. Add your billing address and credit card to your account
  3. Email shop@mcbridesisters.com with your qty and amount, and let us take care of the rest! We'll send you a list of codes privately so that you can share the gift cards when you're ready. 

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