SHE CAN Crisp White

White – 4 pack of 250ml cans

McBride Sisters SHE CAN Crisp White pairs perfectly with spring, summer, and every day that ends with y.

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  • Wine Details

    This 4 pack of cans is the equivalent of more than 1 bottle of wine – only lighter, easier, and better for the planet, too. Oh yes SHE CAN!

  • Tasting Notes

    Hello, sunshine! Juicy pear, melon and citrus shine up front, with soft white lilies and orange blossoms everywhere you look. Always crisp, fresh, and dazzlingly bright – sound like anyone you know?

  • Food Pairings

    Guacamole, poke bowls, salads (and sunshine).

  • Appellation


“Female winemakers Andréa and Robin McBride ‘crush’ male dominated industry with country’s largest Black-owned brand.”

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