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Summer Shipping

With summer comes warmer temperatures! When it’s over 85F outside, wine shipments risk getting overheated. We’ve made every effort to ensure that your wines are protected in transit.

What can you do? Make sure an adult 21 years or older is prepared to sign for your wines on the first delivery attempt. Enroll in “UPS My Choice” to get their real-time delivery updates.  We have no control over packages once they are in the possession of our parcel carriers.

Limited shipping days: We want our wines in your house for the weekend, not with the delivery driver. We now ship only Monday - Wednesday for attempted delivery by Friday. Orders placed on Thursday - Sunday will ship the following Monday. 

Insulated & chilled packaging: At no added cost to you, we will ship our bottle wines in earth-friendly styrofoam inserts (90% of the product will biodegrade in 4 years). Boxes will be chilled by ice packs that last 48 - 72 hours. 

Expedited shipping: We aim to have your wines delivered within 4 days of shipment. For some states, this requires expedited shipping. Our canned wines do not have cold packs, so will ship via 2-Day service. Please see our rate chart below.