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Robin and Andréa have always thought of their single-mothers as lionesses and fearless leaders of their pride. The Sisters’ mothers were the first women to teach the Sisters that SHE CAN do anything, and so The McBride Sisters’ created SHE CAN. SHE CAN Rosé pays homage to Robin’s mom who raised Robin in California. Likewise, SHE CAN Sauvignon Blanc pays homage to Andréa’s two mums who raised André in New Zealand. Peep the mothers’ nickname and initials on the side of the lioness’ face! 

The Sisters want every woman to be empowered and fearless, and SHE CAN is a reminder of that. 

Find and purchase SHE CAN at a store near you. Show them what’s possible and show them what SHE CAN do.

The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Professional Development Fund

The Mcbride Sisters created “The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Professional Development Fund” to promote the professional advancement of women in the wine industry. Through this fund, they will empower women to strive for change and to create opportunities for themselves where there hadn’t been before. Why? Well, while wine is no longer a boy’s club, and it’s not a level playing field. Women make up less than 10% of head winemakers and winery owners. They’re closing the gap because they know SHE CAN!

“We’ve had an incredible amount of support over the years and we couldn’t be more grateful. We are currently reworking our fund for 2020 to help address those affected by the current COVID-19 situation and will update as soon as possible. Please check back here for more information.”

xoxo, Robin + Andréa