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McBride Sisters Collection
Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is a term used often, but what is it? Black Girl Magic is a concept and movement that was popularized by CaShawn Thompson in 2013. The concept was born as a way to "celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women" and to congratulate black women on their accomplishments. Referring to a speech made by Michelle Obama at the Black Girls Rock Awards, Thompson explains that black women around the world persevering, despite adversity, inspired her to spread the concept of Black Girl Magic. With these women in mind, Thompson created the social media hashtag and rallying cry "Black Girl Magic", in the hopes of counteracting the negativity society places on black women.

So what does it look, sound, feel and taste like? Maybe it doesn’t mean celestial perfection. Better yet it signifies the MAGIC within Black girls that allows them to persevere, to create, and SLAY with the best and with so much finesse!