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Holiday Your Way

We grew up on opposite sides of the world in different wine regions which allowed us to come together to create these beautiful wines that we continue to share with you all today. Being raised separately means we also had different traditions. This has brought us to appreciate how differently the holidays can be celebrated throughout the world. Join us over this holiday season as we take you on a trip around the globe and share how we and people from many other backgrounds celebrate the holidays.


Chef Spotlights

We want to further spread the holiday spirit by continuing to share diverse stories of trailblazers in the food and beverage industry – inspiring creators who have done things their own way.

Claudette Zepeda

Claudette Zepeda is an award-winning, San Diego-based chef and culinary entrepreneur known for her fearless style and bold approach to regional Mexican cuisine.

Pierre Thiam

Pierre Thiam is a chef, author, and social activist best known for bringing West African cuisine to the global fine dining world. He is the executive chef and co-founder of Teranga, a fine-casual food chain from New York City that introduces healthy, casual fare directly sourced from farmers in West Africa. Pierre is also the Executive Chef of the award-winning restaurant Nok by Alara in Lagos, Nigeria and the Signature Chef of the five-star Pullman Hotel in Dakar, Senegal.

Sisters Favorites

Robin McBride

"Growing up in Monterey, holidays were celebrated with a LOT of food! We had traditional American holiday meals, but incorporated local fresh California fare as well. Fresh seafood from the wharf and veggies straight from the nearby farms were often a centerpiece of the table - right next to a big holiday turkey. A favorite dish of mine is a holiday cioppino, which is a decadent seafood stew, paired with our McBride Sisters Collection Red Blend. Today our holiday table is a blend of both California and New Zealand. You'll find a savory honeyed ham next to a deliscious seafood and an indulgent sweet potato pie next to a delicate pavlova. The dishes we celebrate with are a reflection of our distinct backgrounds and local cultures, just as every wine in McBride Sisters Collection."

Andréa McBride John

"Growing up, the holidays in the New Zealand looked much different then they do in the Northern Hemisphere. Our meals reflect warmer weather with lots of seafood dishes and BBQ to accompany the warmer weather. The holidays for us now is a beautiful blend of both of our traditions. Some of my favorite dishes include BBQ seafood, grilled scallops and summer veggies paired with our McBride Sisters Collection Sparkling Brut Rosé."


Wine Makers Corner

With winemakers in both the Northern and Southern regions of the world, the holidays look different from coast to coast. Read below to hear how our winemakers celebrate the holidays in their parts of the world.

Southern Hemisphere

Diana Hawkins

"​Christmas in Chicago was always snowy and traditional with foods like ham and mac 'n cheese, but the seasons are reversed in Aotearoa New Zealand. So, now Christmas means beach BBQs with friends from around the world. My favorite dishes are grilled, fresh-caught Snapper paired with our McBride Sisters Collection Sauvignon Blanc and blackened chicken with McBride Sisters Collection Sparkling Brut Rosé.”

Northern Hemisphere

Amy Butler

“For me, the Holidays are about sharing the table and the kitchen. I spend all year looking at cookbooks and planning the feast. We [me and my family] enjoy our traditional favorites of course, with seasonal flavors like pumpkin, sage, and cranberry, but we can't help changing up the recipes from year to year. The versatility of our McBride Sisters Collection Red Blend finds a home with all of these dishes…” Read More