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McBride Sisters

Opens May 3, 2021

#YESSHECAN2021 grants will support professional women in the
traditionally male-dominated fields of wine & spirits, hospitality and finance.

At its inception, “The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund” was created in 2019 to promote the professional advancement of women in the wine industry in a concerted effort to help close the gender and race gap. In the first year, the fund awarded scholarships of nearly $40,000 to empower women to strive for change and to create opportunities for themselves and others, where there had not been before.

In 2020, global changes resulting from COVID-19 have hit all businesses but have been especially destructive to Black-owned small businesses. With Black women starting and maintaining businesses at a faster rate than any other group in America, McBride Sisters Collections pledged to help Black women-owned businesses through grants and services so they could make the necessary business adjustments to sustain and propel growth during the age of COVID-19.

Robin & Andréa are all too familiar with being one of few women in a decision-making position within their industry, and they have made it their goal to empower women to grow their careers and to break barriers in professions they may have never thought possible in the past.

"We know first-hand just how hard it can be for women to break through in traditionally male-dominated industries and want to open as many doors as possible for the next generation of women leaders," states Robin McBride, Co-Founder and President, McBride Sisters Collection, Inc.

This year, the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund #YESSHECAN2021 will provide grants to support professional women in the traditionally male-dominated fields of wine & spirits, hospitality and finance in the areas of career growth and professional advancement. Specifically, varying grants will support continued education, coaching and professional certifications. In addition to donations made by corporate financial sponsors Morgan Stanley and Silicon Valley bank, a portion of the proceeds from 2021 sales of the McBride Sisters Collection SHE CAN wines, up to $100,000, will go towards the #YESSHECAN2021 initiative.


Who is eligible to apply? 
Professional women in the wine & spirits, hospitality and finance industries
When is the application deadline?
July 2, 2021 

What is the Program timeline?
• Applications Open: May 3, 2021
• Application Deadline: July 2, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone
• Notification of Selection Results: Fall 2021
• Funds Disbursed: Fall 2021

Our Partners
We are grateful to Morgan Stanley and Silicon Valley Bank for their support in helping woman excel in male-dominated industries. Learn more about what each brings to She Can 2021.