NV Sparkling Brut Rosé

Aromatically this wine possesses gentle floral notes of rose petals, complimented by strawberries and cream, and bucket loads of freshly crushed red berries. This delicious Brut Rosé is delicately structured and generous. The red fruits carry through the palate, with cranberry, peach, strawberry, and raspberry notes taking center stage. There is a hint of toasty complexity, and some creamy richness from the lees leading into a dry finish with lingering hints of spice. With its beautiful salmon color and delicate bead, this Brut Rosé is sophisticated, crisp and refreshing.

Fermentation and Winemaking:
The great Autumn weather allowed us the luxury of picking the fruit for this wine over a 4 week period, as each vineyard site achieved perfect ripeness. The majority of the Pinot Noir fruit was crushed then soaked in the press for 6 hours to extract color and flavor from the skins. The juice was fermented cool in a fashion similar to white wine to ensure the delicate aromatics and the pure fruit expression was retained. A small portion of the Pinot Noir (5%) was fermented on skins in an open top fermenter and then the total Pinot Noir juice was combined with the Chardonnay fruit which was picked and pressed directly to tanks for fermentation and matured on lees. After cellaring for at least 3 months the base wine was fined and filtered. Sugar and yeast were added to the base wine and the bottled to undergo secondary fermentation and converting sugar into alcohol and CO2. The CO2 pressurized in the bottle is what gives the McBride Sisters Collection Brut Rosé it’s elegant, fine bubbles.

 The Pinot Noir was sourced from complementary vineyards sites located in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, the largest component is from Kelly’s Creek Vineyard in Spring Creek (Andréa helped plant these vines as a child!) located on silt/loam soils in the lower portion of the valley. It is closer to the sea so has less diurnal variation, and this combined with the more fertile soils results in Pinot Noir which has soft silky tannins, loads of succulent red fruits, and soft acidity. The remainder is from vineyards located in the Central Wairau Valley where the soil is much less fertile silt/loams overlying ancient river gravels. There is a greater diurnal range further up the valley, away from the oceans moderating influence. These blocks tend to produce wines with a darker fruit profile and more pronounced acidity and structure. The Chardonnay is from a vineyard in the Central Wairau Valley selected for its floral fruit expression, mid palate richness, and bright acidity.