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WSET 2 Wine Educator, The Wine Rac

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Racquel Valbrun is a WSET 2 certified wine educator and wine event curator.

Her wine journey started in 2018 as a wine guide with the Traveling Vineyard, where she taught hundreds of wine novices the basics of wine tasting. Based out of Atlanta, Ga, Racquel primarily works with Millennial and Gen-Z socialites to introduce them to wine and transition them to becoming avid wine drinkers. She works tirelessly to create fun and unique events to teach the fundamentals of wine tasting to her clients and how they can apply these basics in a social setting. Guests of her events classes walk away feeling confident and proud of their new level of knowledge about wine. One of Racquel’s many goals is to create an affordable way for wine lovers of all socioeconomic backgrounds to travel around the world and visit the vineyards and wineries their favorite wines.