Ever wonder what the terms used in wine tasting notes actually mean? Can knowing Wine slang actually help you make better buying decisions or is it just a sugar coated marketing ploy? Read on for our take on 6 Tantalizing Wine Terms & Definitions! 


While we love the feel of a wine bottle in our hands, "body" is a word we use to describe an experience after the glass hits our lips. It refers to the weight on your palate as you swirl the wine. Heavier bodied wine you'll find wants to linger a bit longer in your mouth, whereas lighter bodied slide right down.



Even bottles of wine need time to relax and get into the mood! When you decant your wine, allowing it to breathe, you are guaranteed a more pleasurable experience.



The first step in the winemaking process, when the juices from the grapes are first released. Must also contains the skin, seeds and stems.



After a couple of glasses, you'll be telling secrets that are sure to rosy your cheeks later on. Just kidding, it's actually just another way to say Rosé! Blush wines are pink rather than red because the grape skins are removed before fermenting the juice (the part of the winemaking process when the color is imparted). 



A term used to describe a wine with a particularly smooth mouthfeel.


Kind to the senses, smooth and balanced.

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