Still searching for the perfect holiday gift? There are so many fun and unique - quick gifts for the wine lover that you can check out here from decanters to wine glasses.  And below are our favorite go to, top five gift options for the wine lover in your crew.

The holidays are so much better with wine. It’s the perfect gift to bring smiles and good cheer, and one any wine connoisseur is sure to appreciate. Because it is a popular gift item, look for interesting wines with a story behind them.  For the true connoisseur the more exclusive it is the better. Go one step further and throw in some chocolate. Seriously, what better way to celebrate the season than with two of life’s greatest delicacies!

Aerate in style. A decanter is a great gift option because it is an important part of the wine experience and an essential item for all wine enthusiasts. Not only is it an elegant way to serve wine, but decanters also add a stylish and sophisticated flair to any dinner party. And with so many beautiful decanters to choose from, suitable for every budget, you should have no problem finding just the right one.

Toast to the good life. Wine glasses are a great addition to a wine lover’s collection, and one that will certainly be put to good use. Because people are likely to receive wine as a gift, (see option #1), wine glasses are the perfect complement. There are tons of different styles and designs to choose from, so you have the opportunity to bring forth something new. Tis’ the season, so go ahead and splurge on some monogrammed or engraved glasses for that tailored-made touch.

(Un)Pop that cork with ease. The latest accessory that’s got all the winos going crazy is the Coravin Wine Opener. It lets you extract the amount of wine you want from a bottle without removing the cork. “As you remove the needle the cork reseals on itself returning your wine to its unopened state. Four weeks later, or five, or six, you can return to that same bottle and it will taste just as fresh.” *As seen in Forbes*

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Celebrate good times with great wine all year-round with a wine club membership. It truly is a convenient and luxurious way to enjoy different wine varietals. And our reserve wine club is that, and more. For additional details on how you can purchase a membership or become one yourself, visit

 Happy Holidays!