“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…”

As eco-conscious business owners, we strongly believe in sustainable practices. Everything we do impacts the earth, but as individuals, we also have the power to control the impact we create.

One cool way to think green (even with a bottle of red!) is through upcycling. It’s a creative alternative to recycling and repurposing empty wine bottles can be fun and a great start to preserving the environment.  Here are 6 easy ways to do so:



1. On display. For those special bottles that you can’t seem to let go of…let alone alter, just fill each one up with sand and use them as bookends.

2. Oil and vinegar. Feeling really creative? Go ahead and give your bottle a chic new makeover, but this time refill it with that leftover oil or vinegar that’s lying around your kitchen.

3. Create a vase. To turn a wine bottle into a flower vase, just rinse, decorate and add the flower. It really is that simple! 

4. Hold a candle. Empty wine bottles make the most beautiful candle holders too! Let the wax drip down the neck of the bottle for added dramatic affect. 

5. Don’t forget the cork! Did you know that wine corks can help your potted plants grow? When broken up into tiny pieces, they help your plants retain moisture and resist mold.

6. Customize your coasters: Cut corks in half lengthwise. Glue them to a circular cork sheet and sand the edges for a smooth finish. Then pour yourself a nice glass of wine and relax. Cheers!

Tried some of these yourself?  Have your own creative ideas for upcycling wine bottles?  Show us your best shots on IG or Twitter: @McBrideSisters #WeReWined