The surprising thing about wine is that there are 1000’s of varieties, but only a few are grown commonly around the world. Whether you’re an expert or just beginning your journey, exploring different types of wine is an essential part of figuring out what you like. Let’s be honest, half the fun is in the drinking…ehem, learning right? So let’s take a look at seven common wines you need to know.

Cabernet Sauvignon --- one of the more popular full-bodied dry red wines recognized for its deep color, bold tannins, blackberry, blueberry and eucalyptus aromas. Cab is best enjoyed with a great lamb or beef dish, and is for the drinker who has a love for big substantial drinks e.g. Johnnie Walker Blue

Pinot Noir --- This is one of our favorite varieties, why you ask? It’s simple, this wine can be paired with nearly everything in perfect harmony. Its dry, medium body, medium tannins and has fruity aromas of black cherry, sweet spice and vanilla that WERK! Our Pinot Noir is our go-to, everyday drinking wine.

Syrah --- the red wine responsible for some of the darkest full-bodied dry red wines in the world and can also be found in our very own, Truvée Red Blend. Known for its blackberry, plum and peppery aromas and flavors, Syrah is a perfect accompaniment to smoked meats and pairs well with feta, white cheddar and Manchego cheese.

Zinfandel --- the most widely planted red grape variety in California and extremely popular amidst those who prefer a more fruit-forward, jammy style of wine with aromas and flavors of plums, blackberries and sweet spices.  Zinfandel pairs deliciously with spiced barbecue dishes and curry.

Chardonnay --- arguably the best old world white wine grape, this wine has a wide range of aromas and flavors from fresh citrus to peach, nectarine and melon. Depending on the winemakers style, there can also be strong oak and butter flavors to no oak at all. Our Truvée Chardonnay tends to be on the crisper side with aromas of peaches and nectarines and with some French oak barrel aging, that adds additional layers of creamy, nutty, vanilla and spice aromas and flavors. This style of wine can be paired with nearly every savoury dish you can imagine!

Sauvignon Blanc ---  This wine packs a punch, especially when made in New Zealand. The aromas are filled with layers of tropical fruit, citrus and floral aromas like our Sauvignon Blanc which showcases flavors of nectarines, peaches, passion fruit, and grapefruit with delicate floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom. This wine is like a cocktail, less the calories and perfect for happy hour, grilling season and of course shellfish and seafood.

Riesling --- a highly aromatic and fruity grape variety that produces wine known for its crisp aromas and sweet flavors. Our Riesling features floral scents on top of citrus, white peach, root ginger and spice flavors that can easily enhance the best fish or pork cuisine. But if you have something else in mind…go for it! Riesling is an extremely versatile and food-friendly wine.