Truvée McBride Sisters

It was all a dream...we'd drive past wineries and vineyards and say to ourselves, "one day". So, without further adieu, today is that day that we're officially launching our second wine brand from the McBride Sisters - Truvée [True-Vay] Wines from the Central Coast of California. We've crafted a lightly oaked Chardonnay and a Grenache/Syrah based Red Blend from prestigious vineyards within the Chalone, Monterey, Edna Valley, Paso Robles and Santa Maria AVA's (American Viticulture Area's).    

None of this would be possible without the support, love and encouragement from our family and friends - THANK YOU! None of this would be possible without our mentors and colleagues in the wine industry that understood our vision - THANK YOU! None of this would be possible without our distributors aka "the soldiers" that work hard every single day - THANK YOU! None of this would be possible without the sommeliers, restaurateurs, retail buyers and liquor store owners purchasing our wine - THANK YOU! And last, but not least our wine lovers, you have thousands of wines to choose from and you continue to support us - THANK YOU!   

As a young, next generation wine company we don't see McBride Sisters' wines as ours. Every person that has helped, sold, stocked and purchased our wines, this is your wine also. We might have had the vision, but it takes a COMMUNITY of people to make a brand successful and everlasting.

Truvée - McBride Sisters

So being that this is your wine too, we'd like to take the opportunity on this special day and ask of you two things. The first, always expect from us the very best and hold us to that. Know that your vineyards will always be sustainably farmed, your wines will always be delicious and your packaging always stunning. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, how you think we can improve and we'll do our best to meet your expectations. We are human and this is agriculture, so any changes we might have to make, give us time, but we'll get there!  

Second, tell 5 of your friends about Truvée and ask them to tell 5 of their friends and so on. Ask for Truvée at your local bars, restaurants and stores where you buy your wine. The more people asking for McBride Sisters Truvée, the better we can do in making sure its conveniently available in your neighborhood and that's our goal!  

So...Let's go #TeamMcBrideSisters #TeamTruvéeWines

Much love, cheers for now, and again ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Robin + Andréa