The title is self-explanatory, so we won’t mess around. Here you go!  

1. Pop Rocks and Moscato -- Remember our rules on wine and food pairings? In case you forgot, the combination of sweet watermelon pop rocks and the slightly sweet Moscato with orange blossom and grape flavors, pair perfectly. These two combined will create an explosion of fruit salad and sweet smelling flowers in your mouth! 

2. Sour Patch Kids & off-dry Riesling

Sweet and sour pairs exceptionally well and the Riesling flavors echo the candy. Just imagine a high paced, back and forth, ping pong match of flavors in your mouth! Starting with grapefruit, then peach, the green apple, then hibiscus, then Meyer lemon - match point! 

3. Nerds & Chenin Blanc (demi-sec) 

Slightly sweet Chenin Blanc has flavors of pear, peach and passion fruit. With that in mind, we’re loving the sour peach nerds enhancing this wines stone fruit flavors. The sour components from the nerds balance the sugar and create a harmonious experience

4. Candy Corn & Sauternes -- You either love it or you don’t, but what’s Halloween without the candy corn, right? Sauternes will pair verrrrry nicely. Sometimes things don’t have an explanation, they just work, case in point this candy corn and Sauternes pairing. 

5.   Reese’s Peanut Butter & Tawny Port (Fortified Wine) -- A popular delicacy amongst the wine elite. The creaminess and sugar from the peanut butter cups pair perfectly with the berry flavors of the port. Just think PB&J excellence.