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Robin McBride
August 9, 2021 | Robin McBride

It's A SHE CAN Summer

The Story of SHE CAN

Did you know we have wine in a can? For those of you who do, thank you for all the SHE CAN Wines love. For those who are just finding out about our SHE CAN Wines collection, welcome! Enjoy our McBride Sisters Collection wine quality in the convenience of a can for those on the go. It’s a SHE CAN Summer and we have a fresh NEW flavor! We have also launched our Cans Club - a new kind of wine club created for the woman who's going everywhere. Read on below!

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that SHE CAN Wines is not only a statement, it is a way for us to honor our mothers. The strong and empowered lionesses on the sides of the SHE CAN pay tribute to the women who encouraged and inspired us throughout our lives, our mum & mom. Andréa & I wanted to include a striking design that could remind us everyday of the first women who taught us that we CAN do anything we set our minds to. It was only fitting that they were a focal point on these fun and fab cans. 

We consider ourselves to be a pride, the same pride lions live in. A fearless pride and sisterhood that is constantly challenging the norm, inspiring other women to do the same and breaking barriers as we go. We took the lionesses from our McBride Sisters Collection logo and placed an enlarged version on each SHE CAN. Our newest flavor to the SHE CAN sisterhood is Fresh White and is dedicated to Andréa's mums (birth mother and foster mother) so their initials are by the lioness (P.J. & D.H.H.). The SHE CAN Rosé is dedicated to Robin's mom, and her nickname is by the lioness (KOKO). The SHE CAN Spritzers are a tribute to our daughters; you’ll find their initials within the designs on the Island Citrus and Coastal BerryCan you spot them?

Design is a wonderful way to express a message through illustration, and we’re glad we had the creative opportunity to pay tribute to the special women in our lives. 

The SHE CAN Fund

For this SHE CAN Summer, it’s time to celebrate yourself and the other incredible women who have paved the way for us. SHE CAN is rooted in the ethos of a boundless sisterhood, challenging the status quo of male-dominated industries and focusing on uplifting and supporting female entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders. 

Andrea’s and my journey involved looking up to a range of strong women throughout history—our own mothers included—who motivated us to follow our own paths and cultivate a community for women to support and celebrate each other, one great glass of wine at a time.

What started as a wine in a can collection has turned into much more. In 2019, we created the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund. At its inception, The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund was first developed to promote the professional advancement of women in the wine industry in a concerted effort to help close the gender and race gap. For this year's scholarships, we invited women who have a bold vision for their careers in hospitality, wine and finance, to apply for grants and scholarships for continuing education, leadership coaching and industry conferences. Our impact to date:

Applications for 2021 are now closed. Please check back in Spring 2022 for the next set of scholarship applications.

It’s more than just delicious wine in a can, it’s a loud message. A message to the world that SHE CAN and She Does, every single day. Join the #SHECANSummer movement by following SHE CAN Wines on Instagram and Facebook, share this blog with your friends and spread the word! Embrace the can and empower her path. With wines that go anywhere for the woman who’s going everywhere, "Where will she take you?"

Summer of SHE CAN - She’s New & She’s Fresh

For this #SHECANSummer we wanted to give you something different, something refreshing, a wine you would want to always have in the fridge. Think fruity, crisp and flower-garden fresh - this wine has flavors of pear, melon, white flowers and orange blossom. A wine that tastes like a summer day.

Be the first to taste the new Fresh White — we have three different 12 pack bundles featuring our newest flavor. The 12-pack of Fresh White is perfect for wine drinkers who know what they like and that’s aromatic white wine! Want to rosé all day and white wine all night? Then the Fresh White and SHE CAN Rose 12-pack is the one for you. Can’t decide? We’ve got you sorted with the 12-pack sampler of SHE CANs: Fresh White, SHE CAN Rose, SHE CAN Island Citrus Spritzer and SHE CAN Coastal Berry Spritzer.

Sip tip: Did you know that 1 premium can of SHE CAN Wine = ½ bottle of wine!

For The Cans Lovers

Another SHE CAN Summer launch: a brand new Cans Club! A new kind of wine club to get our fun, fab and award-winning canned wines delivered right to your door. 

The best thing about this club, apart from receiving your own customizable can shipment four times a year, is supporting women in business and career development. A portion of the proceeds from our SHE CAN Wines goes to our SHE CAN Fund to help empower and educate emerging women leaders.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll also receive 10% off all your future wine orders? The first 100 members to sign up will receive a FREE SHE CAN Wines Bucket Hat! Run, don't walk to the site to join now. Black Girl Magic Bubbly Cans are also included in the Cans Club. 

Women Who Embody SHE CAN

Who is the SHE CAN woman? She is creative, bold, unafraid and inspired. She is supportive and encouraging. She is also respectful of her own self-care and the need for downtime. 

We look at women such as Simone Biles, a revolutionary athlete, a supportive teammate and an advocate for her own mental health, and see the SHE CAN woman. We look at Katie Ledecky, who made history this year at the Tokyo Olympics by winning six Olympic gold medals, the most won by any woman U.S. olympian ever. Katie also vocally announced how proud she is of Simone Biles. In both her achievements and support, we see the SHE CAN woman. 

We look at our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our daughters and friends, and see the SHE CAN woman in all of them. 

Where Will She Take You?

The sun is out, flowers are blooming and the opportunity for adventures are endless. The #SHECANSummer is about discovery, excitement and new experiences. There is no limit to where you may find yourself if you follow your imagination. Here are a few ideas of where to drink SHE CAN to get your creative juices flowing:

While Supporting Women On Screen

Whether it’s the Summer Olympics or other sports you love to watch, call together all your girls for a night of celebrating female talent on screen. Let’s go Naomi Osaka, Ramla Ali and Rikako Ikee! 

At a Picnic with the Girls 

Summer is the best time to get your crew outside with a few packs of SHE CANs and a delicious spread for a picnic on the beach or by a lake. Got a grill nearby? Try some of these delicious recipes, which will pair perfectly with any SHE CAN pack.

Host a Wine Tasting Games Night 

Combining two of our favorite things–wine and fun—this games’ night takes wine tasting to the next level. Check out our guide on how to host a summer wine tasting party, and combine that with Charades, Cards Against Humanity or Twister for a night to remember. 

SHE CAN embodies all of us, the adventurous, life-lusting goddesses that we celebrate daily from the moment we wake up. From women leaders to athletes to mothers and lifelong friends, we value and appreciate you and are thrilled to see where SHE CAN Wines will take you this summer. 




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