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This wine is NOT available in stores and is sold exclusively through McBride Sisters Website.


The McBride Sisters have created a very special wine to celebrate your MAGIC


Black Girl Magic is a term we use often, but what does it really mean? How does it taste? What does it look, sound, and feel like? Maybe it doesn't mean celestial perfection. Better yet it signifies the MAGIC within us that allows us to preserve, to create, and SLAY with the best with so much finesse! 

It tastes like the crisp sweet and sour notes of our Reisling. It looks like the joy on your mother's face when you call just to, "check up" on her, and sounds like a thousand Black Girls saying "Yassss" to a Beyoncé ballad. It feels like the company ,of other women who understand your unique experiences. The ways in which you have to navigate the world. The way you continue to be a BOSS and a lady. Girl you are all things! Absolute BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Let's sip to that!

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Black Girl Magic California Riesling is intensely aromatic with notes of honey, apricot, and white flowers. Refreshing when ice cold, it opens up as it sits in the glass – tangerine, jasmine, and coriander seed appear in the nose, as the palate turns to tropical flavors evocative of guava and pineapple. Mild sweetness is balanced by a bright core of tangy citrus for a mouth-watering, sweet/sour finish.