b"McBride Sisters Wine Company was founded by sisters, Robin McBride and Andra McBride John who since the inception of their careers in 2005, believe wine companies should be accessible, sustainable, sociallyconscious and culturally aware. We produce wine across two hemispheres, from premier coastalwinemaking regions which are at the root of our story - where Andra and Robin each grew up - in Aotearoa (pronounced ah-oh teh-ah ROH-ah)New Zealand and the Central Coast of California, in the United States.Our mission at McBride Sisters Wine Company We offer a unique portfolio of leading brands; McBride Sisters Collection, is to transform the industry, lead by example andBlack Girl Magic Wines, and SHE CAN Wines and spritzers. cultivate community, one delicious glass at a time.McBride Sisters Wine Company produces, imports and marketsWe serve the New Majority, that have been its own wines. It specializes in the Fortune 500 grocery stores and mass ignored by the U.S. wine industry for many years,retailers, as well as wine and spirits chains, hotels, restaurants,who are thirsty, and want to be welcomed into independent wine shops, sports arenas and airlines across almost allthe world of wine and beyond. 50 states of the U.S, Caribbean and Canada. In March of 2023, we became Certified Carbon Neutral and offsetour 2022 carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from projects around the world that are focused on environmental, social equity and economic equity for historically marginalized communities.We are Wine for the New World.CarbonHero certifies McBride Sisters Wine Companymeets its standards for carbon neutrality.BLACK OWNEDWOMEN OWNEDCERTIFIED MINORITY OWNED For personal service, please contact Chloe Noggle chloe.noggle@mcbridesisters.com510-508-2416PLEASE ENJOY RESPONSIBLY.2023 MCBRIDE SISTERS WINE COMPANY, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. BROWSE OUR WEBSITE: WWW.MCBRIDESISTERS.COM 2Carbon Neutral Certified. McBride Sisters Wine Company meets CarbonHero's carbon neutral certification standards through the use of carbon offsets for the year of 2022."