b'ENJOY BOTTLE QUALITY WITH CAN CONVENIENCELightweight & easy to store - corkscrew not required!A portion of SHE CAN proceeds provide MONTEREY MONTEREY MONTEREY professionaldevelopment INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONALWINE COMPETITION WINE COMPETITION WINE COMPETITION91 INTERNATIONAL90 91 scholarships and grants to 2022 2022 2022emerging women leaders.CANNED WINEP O I N T S COMPETITION2021 P O I N T S P O I N T SSHE CAN WINES SHE CAN WINES SHE CAN WINESR O SSHE CAN COASTAL ISLANDBEST CANNED WINE FRESH WHITE BERRY CITRUSBREAK THE RULES. DRINK THE WINE.California RosCalifornia Fresh White$6.99/can"Coastal Berry" Dry Ros Spritzer"Island Citrus" Dry Ros SpritzerPrices are per can, and subject to change without notice.For personal service, please contact Alexa LoGiudiceAlexa@mcbridesisters.com(510) 708-9848BROWSE OUR WEBSITE: WWW.MCBRIDESISTERS.COM 16'