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The McBride Sisters Cans Club

A new kind of wine club for the woman going everywhere. We curate a fresh selection of canned wine to set the mood, but every shipment is fully customizable*.

  • 12 cans (6 bottle equivalent)
  • 24 cans (12 bottle equivalent)
  • Every 6 weeks
  • Every 3 months


  • 10% off all wine orders, all brands.
  • Discounted shipping rates.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Switch to a different schedule, or change your amount at any time.
  • Get pre-release access to special offers.
  • Easy to store. Bottle quality, with canned convenience. 

* Please note: bottles and cans ship separately and cannot be combined in a club selection. 

every 6 weeks


Are you having happy hour weekly or sipping on wine for football season? This is the perfect club to stay stocked up.

Average cost: $89
Cool Weather shipping flat rate: $15 
Equivalent to 6 bottles of wine.


every 12 weeks


Make sure to always have a chilled wine ready for your after work wine down, housewarming party or for a glass by the fireplace. 

Average cost: $89
Cool Weather shipping flat rate: $15

Equivalent to 6 bottles of wine.

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every 12 weeks


Love drinking wine with friends? This club level means you're ready for weekly wine downs & sharing a can or two wherever life leads you.

Average cost: $178
Cool Weather shipping flat rate: $0 
Equivalent to 12 bottles of wine.


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Your first shipment is our best selling sampler!


Your inaugural sampler pack ships out immediately upon joining out club. Two each of our canned wines are delivered right to your door so you don't have to wait to get started. Try them all and then you can customize each shipment to double down on your favorites.  

Limited Time Member-Exclusive Gift! Our first 100 members will get a SHE CAN Bucket Hat and two gold SHE CAN coozies. Woot!

How It Works

  • One week before every regular shipment (not including the Welcome Sampler Pack), we send you a "heads up" email so that you can customize your wine selection.
  • You can skip a month, or cancel your membership at any time. Just email us: wineclub@mcbridebridesisters.com