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  • Immediately upon joining, we send you your first shipment. A sampler of our wines so that you can discover your favorites.
  • Two weeks before your next delivery, we email you with our curated suggestions. At that time you can adjust the wines as you see fit. The final choice is yours!
  • There is no membership fee & you may cancel at any time. Members only pay for discounted wines, shipping and local taxes, when applicable.

12 Cans x 4 Shipments

Our 12 x 4 Club delivers twelve cans to your door, four times a year. Keep your fridge stocked for your after-work wine down, Wednesday night kick-its, or hiding in your purse and sneaking into a movie.

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12 Cans x 6 Shipments

Our 12 x 6 Cans Club delivers twelve cans to you, six times a year. This is the perfect club to stay stocked up for Friday night happy hours, hot summer beach days, and backyard BBQs.

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24 Cans x 4 Shipments

Our 24 x 4 Club delivers 24 cans to you, four times a year. Never run out of cans for crucial moments like indulgent bubble baths to end a long day, or spontaneous day trips with your best girlfriends.

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  • 20% off on all wine purchases.
  • Discounted shipping rates.
  • Priority access to limited releases wines.
  • Early access to new releases & event tickets.
  • Fully customizable. We make suggestions, you make the final decision so you always get your favorite wines.