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We are grateful to our partners for embracing and supporting Black Women-owned small businesses so they not only survive, but thrive in 2020. 

Programmatic Partner
Programs & Services

Offered to all She Can Thrive Fund applicants:

Facebook Elevate. A community and learning program designed to accelerate the economic success of minority-owned businesses. The program provides educational resources on how to leverage Facebook’s ad platforms to grow your brand and business. Our Facebook Elevate Group builds community around accelerating the economic success and impact of Black and Latinx & Hispanic entities.

Offered to all She Can Thrive Fund grantees: 

Facebook Business Leaders Network. An exclusive and diverse community of founders and entrepreneurs who are contributing to their communities and empowering others. The program is designed to provide leaders with tools to help foster personal and professional growth. Members receive access to exclusive collaboration opportunities, technical support, learning and development, press opportunities and more.  

Silicon Valley Bank 
Corporate Community Champion
$150k Pledge 
“Black women-owned businesses have been hit harder than most by the pandemic. We are grateful for the McBride Sisters’ leadership to offer much needed access to capital to these small business owners at this time. Helping small businesses thrive, from the wine industry to the innovation economy, is what Silicon Valley Bank is all about, and we share the McBride Sisters’ desire to lift up and invest in Black women-owned businesses, in particular. We’re appreciative of the opportunity to be a supporting partner in the She Can Thrive grant program.” 
- William Stevens
Head of the Wine Division 
Silicon Valley Bank