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In celebration of the rich cultures of the Hispanic and LatinX community we've collaborated with chefs, mixologists, and other innovators in the community through wine and culinary to create recipes, food and wine pairings that embody the many flavors of the community. 


Un gran explosión de dulce y picante

Agua De Jamaica Refresher

A splash just off the coast of Mexico

Island Citrus Colada  

Salsa whispers and moonlight dances

Rosé-Melon Refresher

A botanical fall rendezvous

 Meaning “beautiful water” in Spanish, beverage startup Agua Bonita makes the first ever ready-to-drink aguas frescas. They’re delicious, contain real fruit juice, and no added sugar – and the company is Latina-run, being the brainchild of Kayla Castañeda. To honor her Mexican heritage and family of migrant farm workers, Kayla created a pioneering brand that is reflective of her culture through a culmination of traditional and contemporary ingredients that make use of the land in all its beauty.

(Instagram: @_adilenny)

Meet the Mixologist

Adilenny Beccerra

Adilenny Becerra, is a first generation Mexican-American located in Salinas, California. She is passionate about expressing her love for her culture and heritage through culinary, food, and wine. She specializes in traditional mexican food with an innovative twist which you can find at her Family Owned and Operated restaurant Villa Azteca located in Salinas, California. 

(Instagram: @drinkaguabonita)

Meet the Founder

Kayla Castañeda

Growing up in California and with a family history in agriculture, Kayla made Agua Bonita's mission to give 1% of every purchase to help migrant farmworkers via non-profits. 




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Doña Vega is founded and produced by a Mexican women who set out to make mezcal more accessible and approachable. For two years, through 73 recipes, 22 farms, and too many tastings to count, the Doña Vega team accomplished their goal of creating two exquisite varieties of mezcal.


(Instagram: @mezcaldonavega)

Meet the Founder

Sonya Vega

Sonya’s journey into mezcal began in 2011 when she was introduced to the smoky cousin of tequila at a friend’s wedding in Mexico She was immediately obsessed with the taste and wanted to find out more. As she noticed the spirit began to appear on drink menus more frequently, she had a vision of growth which further fueled her curiosity. Three trips to Oaxaca, 22 farm visits, and over 70 recipes later, what started off as a passion project evolved into a full-time career for the entrepreneur.

New York Smokey Sour

Unexpected twist on a classic


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What is wine without a food pairing? To celebrate the togetherness and family aspects of Hispanic Heritage Month, we partnered with Chef and Recipe Developer Reina Gascon-Lopez to pair wines from our McBride Sisters Collection with food from their childhood that represent the different yet similar flavors within the Hispanic and Latinx community. 


(Instagram: @thesofritoproject)

Meet the Chef

Reina Gascon-Lopez

Chef and Recipe Developer Reina Gascon-Lopez is originally from Ceiba, Puerto Rico and was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Bridging the cultures of her Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and Southern upbringing allows for fun and creativity in the kitchen while sharing a variety of dishes that showcase her heritage.

Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

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